Fire Emblem Three Houses: Which House to Pick?

Fire Emblem Three Houses is all about which house you pick. You can choose Black Eagles, Golden Deer, or the Blue Lion. All three are based at the school and provide a different experience. It's important to note that you should play through all three houses eventually as they give a different experience in each.

There is one house that is more of a starter house.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: Which House to Pick?

As of difficulty level, Blue Lion is the easiest with a strong selection of players to use. The students are evenly balanced making for a powerful combination. Golden Deer is a bit more difficult with a smaller selection of classes. You have to be a bit more skilled and know how to use them. Black Eagles are the hardest of the bunch with a lot of squishy characters and unique classes that need a lot of strategy.

Storywise, Black Eagles has the most gut-wrenching and strange storyline. It's a lot of fun and while Blue Lion is straightforward and takes a while before you see certain characters flushed out, Black Eagle is definitely the most interesting story. Golden Deer has a slightly better story than Blue Lion, but both are enjoyable.

At the end of the day, you are meant to play all three, so don't stress too much. Choose a house and enjoy the ride!

Photo courtesy of Intelligent Systems