First Latina LGBTQ+ Creator Joins Fortnite Icon Series

Image courtesy of Epic Games.

Epic Games has announced that Chica, a Latina LGBTQ+ creator, is the next person to join the Fortnite Icon Series.

Maria "Chica" Lopez is a Twitch streamer joining the likes of Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten and Tyler "Ninja" Blevins in the Icon Series.

Here's everything you need to know about the first Latina LGBTQ+ creator joining the Fortnite Icon Series.

Chica's Icon Series Set will become available in the Item Shop starting Saturday, May 7, at 8 p.m. ET.

"I take a lot of pride in being not only a content creator, but also in my identity as a Puerto Rican woman in the LGBTQIA+ community,” Chica said. “I wanted my Set in Fortnite to be true to who I am. I’ve been able to build such an awesome community within the Fortnite family, and I can’t wait to share my Set with everyone. I’m thrilled to be the first Latina to join the Icon Series.” 

As for the cosmetic set, it will include five different styles of the Chica outfit, including the default Style, Prismatic Streak Style, Royale Streak Style, Shades Style, and Hunter Mask Style. Next, the Set will also include the Star Back Bling and Aida's Edge Pickaxe, all of them with their own Alternate style Royal streak, and a Pollo Dance emote.

Along with the Set, Epic Games has urged players who want to hatch her Outfit and Back Bling early to compete in the Chica Cup on May 5. It's the perfect chance to unlock in-game items and the Chica Was Here Spray.

Overall, it looks like Fortnite players have a lot of new and exciting content to look forward to.