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Fissure Says 2-2-2 Role Lock is Coming to the Overwatch League

Baek ‘Fissure’ Chan-hyung recently retired from the Overwatch League a few days ago and has decided to share supposed secrets about what's coming next.

Fissure's retirement came as a shock to fans. The main tank player first distinguished himself during his time on the Kongdoo Panthera lineup in the South Korean Overwatch scene, but he rocketed to stardom when the London Spitfire traded him to the Los Angeles Gladiators during Season 1.

During a stream, Fissure confirmed that the Overwatch League is planning to implement a 2-2-2 role lock for Stage 4 and beyond. This will force teams to play two supports, two tanks, and two DPS and get rid of the horrendous GOATs or triple tank and triple support.

It hasn't been confirmed by Blizzard or the Overwatch League, but Jeff Kaplan has stated in the past that Blizzard has looked at a role queue and specific role locks.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard