Flare Gun Arrives in PUBG Xbox Update 6

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp
Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp /

The flare gun arrived in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox on Tuesday as part of PUBG Xbox Update 6.

The item is the first of its kind in PUBG Xbox, allowing players to call in extra supplies from the planes that criss-cross the skies over the course of a game. When fired up within the safe zone, the flare gun will summon an airdrop full of high-level gear. When used outside the safe zone, it will instead produce a special armored UAZ.

An average of three flare guns will spawn in any game, regardless of the map. To increase the risk inherent in any flare gun use, the items cannot be fired before the first blue zone phase has elapsed. Only two loot drops and two armored UAZ drops can be called in any one game, regardless of whether more flare guns spawn.

Flare guns first arrived in regular games modes on PUBG PC in Update 26.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp