Flashback Shapeshifters Trent Alexander-Arnold SBC Leaked for FIFA 22

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Shapeshifters arrived in FIFA 22 on June 17, bringing upgraded players with different position changes. Multiple Shapeshifters SBCs have been released throughout the promo, and a new one has been leaked, flashing back to the last Shapeshifters promotion in FIFA 20.

According to leaks, a Flashback Trent Alexander-Arnold SBC is scheduled to arrive in FIFA 22. FutSheriff broke the news on June 28 that the SBC was added to come.

The stats have yet to be leaked for Trent's Shapeshifter Flashback, however, it will likely resemble his FIFA 20 Shapeshifters at CM, which at the time of release was one of the more popular cards in the game. Trent's FIFA 22 Shapeshifters will likely be around 93 or 94-rated, and will be one of the more versatile midfielders from the Premier League in FIFA 22.

Trent has already received multiple special cards in FIFA 22, including a 92-rated TOTS at his native right-back and a POTM card. It's unclear if he'll also get a weak foot or skill move boosts, as other Shapeshifters have gotten so far in the promo. With 4* skill moves and a 4* weak foot on his TOTS item, it's likely he'll receive a 5* boost to either of those attributes.

Stay tuned for how to complete the TAA Flashback Shapeshifters SBC once it drops in FIFA 22.