The Florida Mayhem announced the addition of Seong-ju "Byrem" Lee to its lineup Monday, bringing its total support count up to three.

Byrem is a South Korean player who began his Overwatch career with the Korean team BlossoM in January 2018. He left for the North American Contenders team NRG Esports in October of that year. With NRG, Byrem peaked at a third-fourth place finish in Contenders 2019 Season 1 North America West.

NRG Esports disbanded its team May 8, leaving its players free to join other teams. Byrem is the first member of the roster to join a new team, Overwatch League or otherwise.

The Florida Mayhem has pursued an all-Korean roster for Overwatch League Season 2 in its attempts to reverse its underwhelming Season 1 performance. To date, the change has had little effect: The Florida Mayhem is currently in last place in the league overall, with only a single win.

Photo courtesy of the Florida Mayhem