FMPONE and Volcano Add Revamped Cache to Steam Workshop

Popular Counter-Strike map creator FMPONE, co-creator of the original Cache with user Volcano, unveiled the new design for Cache on the Steam Workshop.

The original Cache, a map which tasks the counter-terrorists with preventing the destruction of a massive weapons stockpile in Chernobyl, has been a massively popular map since it's debut in July 2013. Although, with the last update coming to the original map in March of 2018, players suspected that a large update or an entirely new map was in the works.

While this map will require an entirely new download for players, in terms of structure, the old and new Caches seem relatively the same in shape and structure, allowing longtime players to adjust to the new map pretty easily.

Most of the updates towards Cache come in the form of a complete cosmetic overhaul, as the map is refined to make Chernobyl look even more like the rundown, abandoned nuclear test facility that it is.

The addition of overgrown moss, rusted trucks and walls, and graffiti help give the map a real ghost-town like vibe, a perfect hiding place for some sneaky terrorists looking to keep their weapon stash away from prying eyes.

Image Courtesy FMPone/Steam Workshop