FNAF Security Breach: How to Decommission Monty

Photo by Illumix

You may be familiar with Monty in Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF). In this guide, we'll explain how to decommission Monty in FNAF Security Breach.

Monty, also known as Montgomery Gator, is one of the five antagonists in the Glamrock Animatrons of Five Nights at Freddy's. He is the bassist and the most aggressive of the five Animatrons.

FNAF Security Breach: How to Decommission Monty

To decommission Monty, players will need a Party Pass before they begin. Typically you can obtain a Party Pass earlier in the game. You can use the Party Pass to gain access to Monty's Gator Golf or Fazer Blast. Once you go to Monty's Gator Golf, go to the Daycare Center and head to the Superstar Theater.

Below the stage, retrieve the Mazercise Control Key and go to Mazercise's. Complete the puzzle and an entrance will open to Monty's Gator Golf.

After going through the vents, players will encounter a fight with Monty and will need to simultaneously avoid the Lizzard. Use the guns to fill the Splash bucket and go right. Monty will appear then appear, and you'll be able to press the button that will drop balls on him. This will destroy Monty.