Force Troopers in Borderlands 3: What Are They?

Force Troopers in Borderlands 3 are a rare spawn getting the spotlight in conjunction with the Rare Spawn Hunt running through Oct. 15. With the Hunt active during Gearbox's anniversary events, that means your chance of encountering Force Trooper in a specified location is much higher. Hopefully, with a bit of luck and effort, the event will make it much easier to farm these technicolor troopers.

Here's everything you should know about Force Troopers from Borderlands 3.

Force Troopers in Borderlands 3

You'll find these enemies on Promethea in Atlas City, inside the Atlas HQ. They spawn mostly toward the left hand side of the semi-circle like structure. Continue making your way around the left side, all the way toward the back, until you find the group.

Force Troopers are a set of multicolored enemies that tend to spawn around the Atlas Headquarters. Their inspiration comes from a reference to the "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" as each trooper is different color and named as such. The colors are red, blue, yellow, green and white.

Most of them have fancy names such as "Citrine" instead of green, however, so don't go in expecting to see "Green Ranger" above their hit bar.

By taking them down this week, you'll have a higher chance to farm random legendary-class mods. This is a great opportunity for Vault Hunters who might be lagging behind in combat efficiency.

Image courtesy of Gearbox Software