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Foregone Destruction Race Splitgate: How to Beat

Photo by 1047 Games

The Foregone Destruction race in Splitgate is the current weekly challenge available in 1047's arena shooter.

Races are one of the multiple challenges released each week. Completing the full list of weekly challenges reward players with a drop. Sometimes, completing the weekly race will also reward players a drop. Drops contain cosmetic items players can use to customize their inventories.

Races are a great way for players to learn maps, figure out new portal paths and more. They are more-or-less an obstacle course. Here's what you need to know about the Foregone Destruction race.

Foregone Destruction Race Splitgate: How to Beat

First off, players have to know how to get to the Race mode. In the lobby, go to the navigation bar at the top and click on Training. Then, click on Race to bring up the mode.

Foregone Destruction is one of the most popular maps in Splitgate. Celebrated for its two-base, three lane structure, Foregone Destruction looks like a classic arena CTF map from other shooters like Unreal Tournament.

To complete the race, players need to collect all of the disco balls. Doing so will mark the challenge completed in the weekly session. Players are allowed to use portals to navigate throughout the map and are encouraged to do so to cut down on the time needed.