Fornite Fans Think Kevin the Cube May Make a Season 6 Return

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Kevin the cube was a Fortnite fan favorite from way back on the first-ever map. Since then, the game is now on Chapter 2 Season 5, and Kevin has yet to return. However, Fortnite player "duskyxlops" put on Reddit that he may be returning for Season 6 of the game.

The speculation comes after "duskyxlops" posted a picture of the Fortnite Season 5 map showing the locations of the seven portals. He drew lines connecting the portals, and with the help of a few extra lines in there, he was able to draw a cube. This was all the hint that fans needed.

Fans took the cube drawing and ran with it. Another Reddit user by the name of TonyThePapyrus also created speculation about Kevin's return. TonyThePapyrus claims that Kevin is in the bunker after stating that "there are sounds in the files for mechanical door opening sounds. The redacted bunker, Kevin the cube. Those two sports line up."

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

While much of the speculation is very lofty at the least, it wouldn't be crazy if Epic Games were to bring back the iconic cube from Season 1. However, Season 5 is just getting started, so we will have to wait a while to see if this speculation is right.