Fort Solis Cast

Get ready for this thriller that takes place in space!
Get ready for this thriller that takes place in space! / Fallen Leaf Studios

Fallen Leaf Studios announced Fort Solis for the first time during the Summer Game Fest. We learned a lot about the game late last year.

IGN interviewed Fallen Leaf's studio director, James Tinsdale, where he disclosed more information about Fort Solis. Tinsdale described it as a "third-person, sci-fi thriller set on the Solis Planum of Mars at an isolated mining post."

This space adventure centers around three main characters, Wyatt Taylor, Jack Leary, and Jessica Appleton, who experience a terrifying night at the mining post. 

We only know who voices these characters so far. According to the IGN above article, Troy Baker voices Taylor, Roger Clark plays Leary, and Julia Brown is Appleton.

Here are more details about each character and actor in Fort Solis.

Fort Solis Cast

Roger Clark as Jack Leary

Roger Clark is best known for staring as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption II. He's also had minor roles in other video games, such as Back 4 Blood, Smite, and Rosewater.

Clark's character in Fort Solis is the lead of the story. In the official Jack Leary trailer, the engineer pages the Fort Solis mining base after getting an alert. When he receives no response from his team, Leary goes to the post to investigate. Things spiral out of control after that. 

Troy Baker as Wyatt Taylor

Most people know Troy Baker for voicing Joel in The Last of Us video game series and Samuel Drake in Uncharted 4. He even appeared as James in The Last of Us HBO show.

The Troy Baker teaser showcases a video log by Wyatt Taylor. The doctor discusses a disturbing incident involving a sick patient at the mining base.

Julia Brown as Jessica Appleton

Julia Brown's stardom is mainly from TV series. She's Abigail in The Alienist and Ecgwyn in The Last Kingdom. Brown's role in Fort Solis will be her first in the video gaming industry.

As of writing, there's no character-specific trailer that shows Jessica Appleton's situation. Tinsdale describes her as being the opposite of Jack Leary. More specifically, Appleton is smarter and younger than him.