Fortbyte 13: Where to Find It

Fortbyte 13 can be tough to find without seeing the loading screen, but it is possible to locate.

Fortbyte 13: Where to Find it

Those are the cryptic hints Epic gives for players to find Fortbyte 13. Loading Screen 2 won't be available until next week, but data miners have claimed to have leaked it. The supposed loading screen 2 can be found on Reddit.

Now that's not a lot of hints on where a Fortbyte piece could be. Luckily, players have already located Fortbyte 13.

Fortbyte #13 inside a porta-potty to the South of Paradise Palms and a bit North of the waterfall. The porta-potty is located behind the dinosaur and the shack. Destroy the porta-potty with your pickaxe and then simply follow the prompt to pick up the Fortbyte.

Fortbytes are collectible computer chips hidden throughout the map. Each bit helps to reveal a greater cryptic message. You will need to find all 100 Fortbytes in order to view the full encrypted image.

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Photo courtesy of Epic Games