Fortbyte 23 is the latest collectible that Fortnite players are seeking to reveal the image that is hidden behind all the Fortbytes.

Here's where to find the latest Fortbyte so that Fortnite can add it to their collections.

Fortbyte 23: How to Find it

Fortbyte 23 is described as being found between an RV campsite, a gas station, and a monstrous footprint. As puzzling as the description sounds, with a bit of searching, you can find Fortbyte 23 without much of a problem.

The RV campsite being described is located between Loot Lake and Neo Tilted, the gas station is just south of Pleasant Park, and the monstrous footprint is close to Loot Lake. If you search between these clues, two hills adjacent to each other can be located just west of Loot Lake. One of the hills has a windmill near its peak, while the other hill does not have a windmill. Travel to to the top of the hill that does not have a windmill, and Fortbyte 23 will be found there, hiding under a tree.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games