Fortbyte 30 requires no additional tasks to complete besides finding the location of it. The official Fortnite Twitter gave out this hint to where you can start your search.

Here's how to find the newest Fortbyte in Fortnite.

Fortbyte 30: How to Find the Fortbyte by Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills

There is a lot of space between Pleasant Park and Haunted Hills to search for a small object. The more exact location of Fortbyte 30 is found between two trees just northwest of Pleasant Park. If you keep walking east of the pass between the two mountains you should be able to see the Fortbyte sitting between the two trees mentioned.

If you are still having trouble finding Fortbyte 30, open up your mini-map and head towards the light blue dot that is located in the picture above. Then look for the two trees that are close to each other and you should be able to see the Fortbyte.

Happy hunting!

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games