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Fortbyte 37 Location: How to Find it

Fortbyte 37 location can be found easily, provided one knows where to look.

Fortbyte 37 location is one of the last Fortbyte hints and challenges Fortnite players will have to solve and complete, as the event is slowly winding down. Here's where to pick up the latest Fortbyte.

Fortbyte 37 Location: How to Find it

Fortnite describes the location of Fortbyte 37 as being inside a disaster bunker basement in Pleasant Park. Though the named location is easy enough to find, finding the right basement can take some leg work, especially as many of the houses in Pleasant Park have secret basements.

The house in question can be found directly north of the open square at the center of Pleasant Park. It's a two-story brick building with a white door and a wind turbine in the distance behind it.

To find the bunker, enter the house and turn left through the first door. Go around the stairs you see there to reach the basement. From there, smash the cabinet in front of you and the wall behind it. This will open the bunker to you. You'll find the Fortbyte on the ground inside.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games