Fortbyte 47: How to Find It

Fortbyte 47 is "Found Between A Reboot Van, A Pirate Camp And A Crashed Battle Bus." Where exactly is this?

Fortbyte 47: How to Find it

Fortbytes are collectible computer chips hidden throughout the map. Each bit helps to reveal a greater cryptic message. You will need to find all 100 Fortbytes in order to view the full encrypted image. Some of the hidden locations might not be obvious until more details for this Season emerge, but data miners have already found many of the Fortbytes.

Fortbyte 47 may not be to hard to find if you are familiar with the map. There is one crashed battle bus near Lazy Lagoon where the pirates are. There is also a Reboot Van nearby as well. The exact location is in the middle between Lazy Lagoon and The Block so search among the forest in between the two areas. The Fortbyte is at the crossroads of a couple paths in the woods.

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Photo courtesy of Epic Games