Fortbyte 67 not working has become a problem for FOrtnite fans after the latest Fortbyte was revealed Sunday. Fortbyte 67 was uncovered on Sunday and involves skydiving and some rings. It's also worth noting that you need the Retaliator Glider.

As a result, players will need to have hit Tier 79 on the Battle Pass before tackling this challenge, as that tier awards the Retaliator glider for free. Some players have had issues with the rings appearing in the sky. Here are a few fixes.

Fortbyte 67 Not Working: What is the Problem and How to Fix it

First off, make sure you have the correct glider on. Multiple posts online were people complaining before realizing they need the correct glider.

For those who do have the correct glider and it's still not appearing, try going back to the lobby and un-equipping everything and then choosing the Retaliator Glide and nothing else.

If that doesn't work. Try un-equipping everything again, but do a hard reset on your platform. Log back in and try equipping the glider. This seems to fix any final issues.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games