Fortbyte 67 unlocked Sunday, sending players on yet another chase for collectibles. This one will have players testing their gliding abilities. Here's how to collect it.

Fortbyte 67: Where to Find it Under the Southernmost Sky Platform

Fortbyte 67's description says it is "accessible by flying the Retaliator Glider through the rings under the southern most Sky Platform." The steps are all but spelled out in that description, starting with which glider players will need. If any Fortnite glider other than the Retaliator glider is used, the Fortbyte won't show up.

As a result, players will want to have hit Tier 79 on the Battle Pass before tackling this challenge, as that tier awards the Retaliator glider for free.

With the glider equipped, drop from the Battle Bus aiming for the southernmost Sky Platform, which can be found at the north edge of the F8 square on the map — south of Salty Springs. As you near the platform, keep an eye out for glowing triangles in the air. Float through them with your glider and the Fortbyte will appear in the final triangle to be collected.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games