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Fortbyte 75: How to Find it

Fortbyte 75 is a pretty straightforward addition to a player's collection. Here's where to look.

Fortbyte 75 was released for the Fortnite playing population to pick up Tuesday. The Fortbyte's directions are fairly straightforward, so finding it is a cinch. Here's where to look to add it to your collection.

Fortbyte 75: How to Find it

Fortbyte 75's description in Fortnite says it can be found within an airport hanger. As there aren't many airport hangers on the Fortnite map, it's easy to deduce where players will need to look. The only thing that might make this tricky to figure out is the length of time that has passed since this location was added to the game.

To pick up this latest collectible, head to Frosty Flights in the southeast of the map. There are plenty of airport hangers at the location, but you're looking for the one with the Baller vehicles inside. Enter and head to the back right of the building to grab the Fortbyte and finish up the challenge.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games