Fortnite 8.30 Leaked Skins

Photo courtesy of @lucas7yoshi_/Epic Games
Photo courtesy of @lucas7yoshi_/Epic Games /

Fortnite 8.30 leaked skins can now be found online, as the latest game update has given data miners the chance to plunder the game's files for new content. Here's everything revealed so far.

Fortnite 8.30 Leaked Skins

The following skins will likely see release in the next few days now that Fortnite Patch 8.30 has hit live servers. The list includes three skins, one back bling, two emotes, one glider, five harvesting tools and three wraps.

The Inferno skin and the Ruin skin are both set at legendary rarity. Inferno shows a man with fiery hair, a red and black suit, and a red mask. Ruin looks like some kind of demonic knight, with black armor and glowing orange eyes.

The Stealth Reflex skin is only rare. It's a variant of the previously released Reflex skin and is part of the Stealth kit, which includes the Stealth Response Unit back bling, the Stealth Pivot glider and the Stealth Angular Axe harvesting tool.

The uncovered emotes include Switchstep and Dream Feet. The harvesting tools include the ominous Dread, the banana-based Peely Pick, the coconut tree-like Relax Axe and an unnamed pink harvesting tool.

The wraps are also nameless and include digital camouflage, a pattern not unlike that on the floor of the Overlook Hotel, and bandages.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games