Fortnite Abductors Disabled After Glitch Causes Infinite Wins

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Revealed in an a tweet from @FortniteStatus, Epic Games has temporarily disabled Abductor ships and Mothership Abductions from Fortnite. The ships were removed from the game on Aug. 15 due to a glitch which currently remains unresolved.

Abductors are a feature added to Fortnite in Chapter 2: Season 7. These alien ships hover over the island and begin abducting after the first circle forms in a match. Anyone caught in the alien beam is transported up to The Mothership, where players begin a minigame to earn some unique loot.

The Abductors have been a staple feature of Fortnite: Battle Royale since their introduction, but recentlyhave been disabled.

"Due to an issue, we've disabled Abductor ships and Mothership abductions are currently turned off."

Fortnite Abductors Disabled After Glitch Causes Infinite Wins

While the tweet doesn't specify the reason for the removal of the Abductors, it's likely due to a glitch that was discovered which made players invulnerable therefore giving them a guaranteed win. The glitch required two players in order to be successfully executed. One player needed to knock themselves down, using a gas canister, just before being beamed up by an Abductor.

The second player then needs to pick up the knocked down player in The Mothership, disconnect their internet, reconnect, then drop the other player. This would allow both players to remain in the vault for the remainder of the game.

Of course, now that the Abductors have been disabled, it's impossible to recreate the glitch. Epic Games have yet to state when they anticipate fixing the glitch or reactivating the Abductors.