Fortnite Adding Bots to Battle Royale in Season 11

Fortnite is adding bots to its Battle Royale mode in Season 11, which will change how the game will be played dramatically. For the next update, Epic Games has announced they will be overhauling the matchmaking system in an attempt to make fairer games. Here's what you need to know.

Fortnite Adding Bots in Season 11

Starting Season 11, computer controlled players will be present in Battle Royale games for the first time. Adding bots primarily functions to expand the player pool for lower levels, so the matches become more fair as the skill levels of all players in a game are more equal. Epic states that as your skill level increases, you'll face fewer bots. Bots will not be added to competitive modes.

Epic will also introduce a new matchmaking system to the core game modes, which will match you with players of similar skill level. It's unknown which metric will be used to judge your performance. Epic is expected to roll out the new matchmaker in the 10.4 update. The bots' purpose seems to fill out positions to make matchmaking faster with the new system.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games.