Fortnite Agency Renegades Pack: Items, Price

Epic Games

Epic Games have released a new cosmetics bundle for Fortnite — the Agency Renegades Pack.

Despite Fortnite being free-to-play, it features a huge array of purchasable cosmetics for players to customize their avatar with. From original characters and outfits to pop-culture crossovers, hop into a game of Fortnite and you'll encounter a whole zoo of weird and wonderful aesthetics. For those that aren't quite sure where to start, special packs have been put together by Epic Games that offer players a selection of cosmetics to get started.

One of the newest packs to enter the store is the Agency Renegade Pack. These premium packs are a bit different to standard cosmetics in that they aren't bought with the game's premium currency V-Bucks. Instead, players purchase these with real money.

What's Included in the Fortnite Agency Renegade Pack?

Fortnite's Agency Renegade Pack includes the following cosmetics:

  • Spycatcher Siren Outfit
  • Final Kiss Back Bling
  • Axes of Influence Pickaxe
  • Covert Cobalt Outfit
  • Black Ops Backplate Back Bling
  • Shady Zadie Outfit
  • Hammersmark Back Bling
  • Blowback Pickaxe
  • Blackout Mace Pickaxe

Players get a total of three Outfits, three Back Blings, and three Pickaxes.

How Much Does the Agency Renegade Pack Cost in Fortnite?

The Agency Renegade Pack can be purchased for $17.99. Players can purchase the pack directly from the Epic Game Store or through their preferred platform's store.