Fortnite Aim Assist: Everything You Need to Know

With the release of Fortnite Patch 10.40, Epic Games has made various changes and improvements to controller settings, including implementing a new Aim Assist system. Here is everything you need to know about the new controller Aim Assist system before you hop back into your next game.

Fortnite Aim Assist: Everything You Need to Know

According to Epic Games' post concerning the new changes to controller settings, the new changes made to Aim Assist are designed to make aiming feel more consistent regardless of the target's range from the player.

The new Aim Assist system "calculates targets in screen space" while also applying "different aim strengths based on that target's distance from the reticle".

A notable feature of the new Aim Assist system is that Aim Assist now tracks multiple targets on your screen, having different amounts of aim assistance applied based on a weighing algorithm. This change will hopefully remedy situations in which new targets that appear on screen would take aim assistance from a target a player was already aiming at.

With the addition of the new Aim Assist system, Epic Games has also decided to remove target snapping, or what they called "Left Trigger Spam", which they feel is no longer necessary with the improvements they have made with the new system.

The final change made to Aim Assist is that a player's crosshair will now turn red to indicate a target is within effective range, which is anytime before damage drop-off is applied.

Players are able to control the strength of Aim Assist under Advanced - Sensitivity in their options menu, and any player that wishes to disable Aim Assist can simply lower this setting to 0%.

Photos Courtesy of Epic Games