Fortnite and Fall Guys Crossover Possibly Leaked

Could this crossover be the thing Fall Guys need to pick themselves back up again?
Could this crossover be the thing Fall Guys need to pick themselves back up again? /

Fortnite has become the playground for many fun and exciting crossover events but this latest leak could be setting us up for their wackiest one yet. Here is all we know about the rumored Fortnite and Fall Guys crossover.

New Leak Reveals Fortnite and Fall Guys Crossover

For those of you who may not be familiar with this particular entity, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a game that took a unique approach to the battle royale genre. The game gained a massive amount of popularity when it released early last fall, with many praising it for it's gameshow-like setting as players had to contend with an arena full of others in a mixture of wacky challenges. However the hype around the game slowly died out as people began to find it's limited content pool a bit stale, opting to turn to other games. However, it would seem that Epic have not forgotten about this one-time idol.

In a recent leak on the Twitter page FNLeaksAndInfo, a number of skin files were found in the Fall Guys game data that suggest that there will be a Fortnite crossover happening relatively soon.
Whether this means we will also so Fall Guys items appearing in Fortnite soon remains to be seen as this is all we have heard on that front.

From the sounds of this tweet we can probably expect to see this happen sometime around Easter, given that the Bunny Brawler skin is one of the cosmetics making it's way to Fall Guys. Hopefully this collaboration will see Fall Guys receive the attention it deserves, after all it did offer us all a little bit of fresh air during a time where we couldn't get any.