Fortnite Assemble Snap Skin Feature Explained

Snap! / Image courtesy of Epic Games

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 3 back in June, a new skin has entered the chat. 'Snap,' as the cosmetic character is called, offers gamers the chance to customize elements of the skin.

By completing Snap Quests, Battle Pass holders can earn components of the Snap costume. First, the player must purchase the Skin on page 1 of the Battle Pass for 9 Battle Stars. From there, they can combine available components in any way they'd like, to achieve the composite look they desire.

To see a quick synopsis of how the parts can be assembled to make a whole, take a look at EveryDay FN's YouTube video below.

Fortnite Assemble Snap Skin Feature Explained

As Snap Quests are completed, not only parts become available, but further quests and thus further opportunities to earn further parts to assemble. The quests involve the collection of Tover Tokens, and each quest is localized to a certain area of the map.

With 21 different styles of heads, 21 styles of arms, 6 leg, and 3 torso options, there are literally billions of different unique ways to trick out the character, once all of their attributes have been unlocked.