Fortnite Batman Skin? Leaks Suggest Crossover Content

Fortnite Batman skin has yet to be revealed
Fortnite Batman skin has yet to be revealed /

A Fortnite Batman skin might be on the way to the game, if leakers and in-game portents are to be believed. Epic Games has yet to confirm anything, but fans remain hopeful. Here's what we know about the potential crossover.

Fortnite Batman Skin: Leaks Suggest Crossover Content

The Fortnite and Batman crossover has begun with the introduction of Gotham City to the game map. The new point of interest now stands in the place of Tilted Town, where one building holds the famous Bat Symbol projector.

Per data mining shared to Twitter over the past few days, more content is on the way to the game. Two items appear likely to be usable in-game: the Batman Grapnel Gun, which appears to be a re-skinned Grappler, and the Explosive Batarang, which will home in on players and stick to walls before working as a proximity mine.

The crossover also seems likely to produce cosmetic content. So far, data miners have found a Bat Cape that may appear as a back bling and a Bat Glider.

To date, no evidence has yet been collected to suggest a Batman skin, let alone an image of that skin. Players will have to wait to see if Epic Games plans to release a skin celebrating the crossover.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games