Fortnite Battle Royale v18.10 Update: What’s New

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite’s latest update to Battle Royale adds lots of content to Chapter 2, Season 8. Here’s what’s new in this update. 

One of the biggest additions to this update is the addition of Chili Chug Splash, a new item that’s an upgraded version of the classic Chug Splash. Like the original item, Chili Chug Splash can be thrown and restores both health and shield based on who’s in the splash zone, but this item can also give any affected players a speed boost. However, this item has a rarity of Exotic, and can be bought from The Brat or found from Loot Llamas. 

The original Chug Splashes are also back, and can be found like most other loot. The Hunter’s Cloak also returns, and can now be made with reduced amounts of meat.

Fortnite Battle Royale v18.10 Update: What’s New

The bonus rewards for the Season 8 Battle Pass have finally been unveiled. Players can now view and redeem their stars for special corrupted variants of skins introduced this season. Toona Fish now has 20 new styles for players to spend their Rainbow Ink on, based on skins like Mancake and even the original Fishstick. Missions this season have also been modified to reward greater amounts of XP than before, even if the mission originally only rewarded bars, so players can grind their way to the top quicker.

Changes to balancing are also present. First, slipstreams will now be disabled in the final storm circle in core playlists, while they’ll be disabled in the fifth circle in comparative modes. Players are now unable to receive Chug Cannons from Loot Llamas, replaced by Chili Chug Splashes in its place. Finally, the Rail Gun has been removed from competitive game modes.