Fortnite Battle Royale v20.30 Update: Full Patch Notes Detailed

Image courtesy of Epic Games

The latest round of patch notes for Fortnite have been rolled out. Here's everything that's headed to the Battle Royale in v20.30 on May 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2 is well into its stride now. We've seen a continuous change of the landscape these past few weeks as the battle has raged on between The Resistance and IO Forces. With this update, the battle continues but this time at Tilted Towers.

Aside from this POI change, Star Wars fans will have plenty to celebrate as the May the 4th festivities kick-off.

Below, we've detailed everything that's happening in this latest update.

Fortnite Battle Royale v20.30 Update: Lightsabers, Choppas, Weapon Balances and More

The Battle for Tilted Towers

The Battle for Rocky Reels has ended with a victory for the Resistance. Funding Stations for an. Armored Battle Bus and set of Turrets can now be found at this POI.

The fight continues with the Battle for Tilted Towers. Look out for the IO Blimp carrying Huntmaster Saber.

May the 4th

Fortnite is celebrating Star Wars Day. From May 3 to May 17, 2022, players can find Lightsabers and E-11 Blaster Rifles out in the field. Also, complete new Star Wars Quests to unlock an Empire Banner.


Funding Stations for Choppas have been set up across all Seven Outposts. Submit Gold Bars to unvault this flying vehicle.


Shotguns have had a damage rebalance. All Shotguns have also been given a “max damage cap,” affecting how much maximum damage a single shot can deal. 

Specific changes to Shotguns available in Fortnite Battle Royale/Zero Build:

  • Minimum pellet-hit count increased from 3 to 4 for the Striker Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, and Drum Shotgun.
  • Striker Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun pellet damage and headshot damage increased.
  • Ranger Shotgun and Drum Shotgun headshot damage greatly increased, but no change to base pellet damage.
  • Drum Shotgun damage falloff adjusted, shortening effective range. 

Browse Menu

The Browse menu has been added next to Discover.

Competitive Notes

  • Forces at Tilted Towers are not in active conflict in competitive playlists, but the resulting destruction has occurred and Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.
  • Lightsabers and E-11 Blaster Rifles are not included in competitive playlists.
  • Choppas will not be brought into competitive playlists.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving most Seven Outpost Vaults being unopenable.