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Fortnite Beach Umbrella Locations: Where to Bounce on Three Giant Beach Umbrellas

Fortnite Beach Umbrellas have been added as a part of Epic Games' 14 Days of Summer event. The 14 Days of Summer include daily new content including skins, Limited Time Modes, and challenges. Players are required to bounce on three of the six umbrellas in three separate matches.

To be clear: You have to jump on each umbrella in a different match in order to complete the challenge — you can't just run around the map and knock out all three in one go. We suggest you go straight for an umbrella at the start of each match so that you can knock the challenge out quickly. The umbrellas also give you brief immunity to falling damage, so you won't take damage from jumping on them. Completing this challenge will net you the Rubber Ducky Banner.

Fortnite Beach Umbrella Locations

The Umbrellas are in these areas:

  • Lazy Lagoon
  • Southwest of Pleasant Park
  • West of Dusty Divot
  • West of Onely Lodge
  • Southwest of Salty Springs (just East of the bridge)
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games