Fortnite Black Hole: Epic Game Changes Twitter Feed to Black Hole

Fortnite black hole has taken over the internet. At the time of writing, 1.3 million people are watching the live stream on Twitter as Fortnite's Twitter feed has changed to a video of a black hole.

Everything has become a black hole. Because of this, Twitch even crashed as a total of 4.2 million people were watching Fortnite streams.

Fortnite Black Hole

What does it mean? It's most likely a creative promotion for Season 11 and the new map. Most people believe a new map is coming and Epic Games is using the hype to build up a massive following.

Fortnite is not dead folks. It's just down for a massive patch or update as Epic Games introduces a new season. Many leaks have teased the new season and map and even in-game mechanics have explained the lore for the past two years.

Be patient friends, you'll probably have the opportunity to play the new map in mere hours.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games