Fortnite Bootcamp Sign Up: How to Register

Fortnite Bootcamp signup
Fortnite Bootcamp signup / Epic Games

Fortnite Bootcamp sign up will allow players to compete for the very popular in-game currency known as V-Bucks.

With this season of Fortnite almost over, Epic Games seems to have decided to give its community a break from micro transactions to purchase V-bucks and instead do what they do best, which is create challenges for V-bucks to be earned for free. Here is what we know so far.

Fortnite Bootcamp Sign-up

The way to get yourself signed up for the Bootcamp is quick and easy. Go to the website to register, and follow the follow the steps below:

1. Sign Up

Log into your Epic Games account and click this link to register.

2. Complete the Challenges

Now that you have signed into your account Epic and yourself can track your progress of how many challenges that you have completed.

3. Make it to the Final Challenge

Remember that with Fortnite’s new leaderboard system that it is still all in the spirit of competition, so the more challenges you get done the more likely you will get to the final challenge.

4. Win

Securing the top spot of first place out of 20,000 plus players is no small feat. You have grinded to the top now enjoy your reward.