Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 7 Challenges Explained

Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 7 challenges feature taking advantage of the crafting system and destroying others with them. | Photo by Epic Games, Fortnite
Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 7 challenges feature taking advantage of the crafting system and destroying others with them. | Photo by Epic Games, Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is now under its seventh week of weekly challenges that players can do in order to work towards getting higher levels for their battle passes.

This week features seven different quests which lets players understand the new crafting mechanics while also venturing around the map to see the island's updates. Some of these are harder than others, but most of the quests to complete can be done while playing a single game.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 7 Challenges Explained

For these challenges, it would be efficient to keep the same weapons and upgrade them as the match progresses. Four of the seven challenges involve weapons, so by using the crafting system and traversing through the map, most of these challenges can be done in a single match.

It would be wise to also head to Colossal Crops as two of the challenges can be completed in that area as well.

1. Makeshift weapon elimination

For this challenge, acquire a makeshift weapon as you land, finding a shotgun would probably be one of the easier weapons to complete this with because of its damage at close ranges. Put yourself in front of an opposing player and blast away.

2. Primal Weapon Elimination

This challenge is similar to the first, but there are several ways to complete this with ease. Either purchase animal bones through NPCs, like Tarana in Boney Burbs, for 10 gold bars a piece or hunt animals on the map. Open the crafting menu through the inventory and it will list the parts you need in order to craft a primal weapon - made up of a makeshift weapon and several animal bones. Press the craft button and the makeshift weapon has turned into a primal weapon. Find another opponent and go primal on the fire button.

3. Mechanical Weapon Elimination

As with eliminating primal weapons, this challenge is just the same except with different parts. Find an NPC that sells mechanical parts, like Grill Sergeant by Stealthy Stronghold, for 10 gold bars each or destroy vehicles on the map. The part will look similar to the inside of a watch. Once a makeshift weapon and the mechanical parts are acquired, open the crafting screen to craft a mechanical weapon. After it's crafted, head into battle and showcase the knowledge of crafting by destroying others to complete this challenge.

4. Mark Weapons of Different Rarity

Marking weapons is as simple as pressing a button, but this challenge is the most time-consuming of the seven. To complete this, the challenge has players marking all of the weapons of rarity, but it's much easier said than done. The efficient way to complete will cost a lot of gold bars. Take one of the makeshift weapons and upgrade it with gold bars through NPCs in order to drop and mark it, which will cover the common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary rarities. Then, find an NPC that sells exotic weapons, like Rebirth Raven located by Sweaty Sands, and spend some more gold bars to purchase the exotic weapon. If all that wasn't enough, the last part will be the hardest as obtaining the mythic weapon will be sought after by most players as they'll head to The Spire in order to fight Glyph Master Raz. Once Raz is defeated, he will drop "Raz's Explosive Bow," mark it and try and survive as it's the only way to acquire a mythic weapon.

5. Collect Meat or Peppers

This challenge can be one of the more drawn-out challenges as finding both peppers and animals can be easy, but not be ideal when trying to win a match. There's player agency in whether they would like to hunt the several different animals, which can be found all over the map. Just find chickens, boars, wolves, or raptors and they will all drop meat. While chickens are harmless, defeating raptors will also help complete another challenge for this week. To acquire some peppers, find a place that has some comparison to food, like Pizza Pit nearby Colossal Crops. The challenge requires five meat or peppers, so go ahead and scavenge.

6. Consume Foraged Items

Finding foraged items is also of relative ease as the items are plentiful around the map, like finding corn in Colossal Crops. Be sure to remember that even though the foraged item may be in the inventory, it cannot be consumed unless damage has been taken. Find a battle and win, or find a way to take some damage, then consume three of them to complete the challenge.

7. Hunt Raptors

One of Fortnite's newest environmental hazards comes straight out of the Cretaceous period, and the challenge this week is to hunt two of them, so be equipped and ready. One of the better places to find the raptors is by Sweaty Sands, as they regularly spawn there. Be sure to pick up the meat raptors drop to speed up finishing the "Collect meat or peppers" challenge.