Fortnite Chapter 2: Weekly Cash Cups and Epic Games Competitive Extension

Fortnite World Cup Finals - Final Round
Fortnite World Cup Finals - Final Round / ESPAT Media/Getty Images

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Cash Cups have finally arrived. The competitive scene is as colorful as ever, with top players like Bugha and Tfue participating each week.

The prize pool? In a blog post, Epic Games revealed the total prize pool for all regions and competitions will be $5 million.

Entering into the Champions Series is a tough task. Players have to score Hype Points in arena mode and climb to the top to be eligible. However, this part of the competition is over now.

The players who made it into the Champions Series have to play three-round Squad events each weekend for four weeks. The top players from each week will advance to the Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 finals. Team placement and kills are the top priority for the competitive gamers. Teams who stay on top of the leaderboard will advance to the finals.

One change Epic Games is making for this competitive season is creating more qualification spots for individual weekly qualifiers instead of on the overall series leaderboard. Epic is changing this for two reasons: have players experience more opportunities by playing with different squads and have consistency in competitive gameplay throughout the season for squads who want to stay together.

Originally, the season finals were going to be Dec. 6-8. However, Epic Games made an important tweet for the series:

In past Fortnite seasons, winning in the money was limited. NA-East players had to finish in the top 25, and NA-West players had to score within the top 10. Epic's new update extends these odds. Now, NA-East have to finish in the top 75 and NA-West players have to finish in the top 30. EU players have it the easiest, by only having to finish within the top 100 to see some cash.

Before this change, competitions seemed dull due to the low-win rate. With this news, players now have more incentive to get in the ring and duke it out with the competition.

You can watch competition gameplay on Twitch.

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