Fortnite Chapter 3 Map: 3 Changes That Should Be Made

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 8 v18.40 map.
Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 8 v18.40 map. / Image courtesy of

While Fortnite's current map isn't bad, it certainly isn't as memorable as the very first layout that was introduced to the game.

Players have a lot of problems with the way that the game has gone in direction, specifically in the changes to the maps.

3 Changes That Should Be Made for Fortnite Chapter 3

What players want from Season 3's proposed map is:

1. A map that is memorable

Players want locations that don't change too much during the season. The main problem players have had with this chapter is that things constantly change so quickly. It's fine to add new things for freshness and to keep players coming back, but changes should be kept to weapons and only big changes for events. Too many changes can be alienating to older players.

2. Less gimmicks

Players want a grounded feeling when it comes to Season 3. Previously, Epic has added new things every week without fixing problems already in the game. For example, in Chapter 1, the grabbling hooks and rift-to-go's. The problem isn't mainly the items, but the way it changed how people would play against others.

3. A balance in locations

When you spawn into a game, there are locations that are worse than others from the start. Starting in certain locations can be difficult for players due to the amount of opponents that land there. These areas tend to be more interesting, making them hot spots where players die quickly.

The map for Chapter 1 had locations like Pleasant Park, Salty Springs and Tilted Towers; even players who've played the game once can recognize those on the most basic of references.

The best places in this current map are ones that have returned to the game from the last.

Hopefully, Epic will listen to the fanbase's wants when designing the next map, or else it could result in a loss of players.