Fortnite Checking Epic Servers Queue: What it means and what to expect

Fortnite Checking Epic Servers Queue is an error message that a lot of Fortnite users may be getting recently since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, leaving many in long wait times to hop into a game, or forcing them to close the game entirely. What is causing these long wait times, and how can they be fixed?

Fortnite Checking Epic Servers Queue

Considering the massive size of Fortnite Chapter 2, as well as the large influx of players entering and re-entering the game to see the new content, Fortnite servers are likely to be packed to the brim with players, causing the game to lag and take a lot longer to fill lobbies than normal. This happens all of the time with new online games and apps, especially those with the amount of media coverage a game like Fortnite gets. Similar phenomena occurred during the launch of games such as Pokemon Go and Red Dead Redemption II's online multiplayer.

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If you're experiencing severe server wait times in Fortnite, fear not, as these problems will likely start to dissipate as season one of chapter 2 continues. Additionally, the entirely new map has probably led to some new bugs and glitches, so they will slow down as well as Epic works out the kinks of Chapter 2.