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Fortnite Clocks Locations: Where to Complete the Challenge

Fortnite clocks locations are useful for completing this week's challenge. Here's where to find them

Fortnite clocks aren't particularly numerous, but they are key to completing the latest round of challenges from Season 9. Here's where to go to visit the three different clocks and move on to the next Season 9 Week 8 challenge.

Fortnite Clocks Locations: Where to Complete the Challenge

Players have already scoured the Fortnite map for the locations of all of its clocks, but not many have been discovered. To date, only four are widely listed by players looking to finish the challenge.

The first clock players can visit is in Junk Junction. There, players can find the clock that used to adorn a building in Tilted Towers before its Neo-Tilted makeover. It's lying in the southwest corner of the junkyard, at the base of the tower there.

A second clock can be found at Sunny Steps, though it's slightly old school — the sundial in the northeast of Sunny Steps will count toward completing this challenge.

Clock number three is a little more advanced than the Sunny Steps sundial. The new digital clock in the east of Neo-Tilted counts toward the challenge.

Finally, the clock in the center of Happy Hamlet should count toward the challenge, but players are reporting that the clock is bugged. Players are better off hitting the other clocks, as Epic Games' staff is currently out of the office.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games