Fortnite Creative Curse: How to Complete Challenges

Fortnite Creative Curse is one of the newest features of the 2019 Fortnitemares event, with plenty of spooky challenges for players as they explore the new map for Chapter 2. Here's a breakdown on some of the new Halloween challenges.

Fortnite Creative Curse Challenges

To complete the Creative Curse challenges, you will need to play in one of the four special maps; Gunfright, which consists of 2v2 firefights, Mansion of Power, where you drain your opponents power in a free-for-all battle, Retribution, in which you take on waves of zombies, and Infernum, where players have to escape a mansion of hell.

Challenges will consist of eliminating fiends and enemies in all maps, as well as collecting pumpkin coins in any maps, the purpose of which has yet to be announced. Additionally, in the Infernum map mode can be completed by claiming the final boss room Pumpkin, which will reward players with a Teef back board style.

While most of the challenges can be completed in any map, some have their own specific challenges, such as in Retribution, which tasks players with harvesting resources from coffins strewn around the map. Rewards for Creative Curse include the Spreading Chaos spray paint style, as well as several board backs.

Image Courtesy Epic Games