Fortnite Crossmark Operative Pack: Contents, Price

Image Courtesy of Epic Games Store

Here is the latest on the Crossmark Operative Pack in Fortnite.

The patiently awaited Nia skin has finally arrived as part of the Crossmark Operative Pack. The skin started as concept art imagined by @sockothy, a Fortnite fan that has now become an official 3D artist for the game.

The Nia character is described as "self-taught expert in stealth and style," and her likeness affords players the opportunity to "blend in but still stand out." Somewhat reminiscent of Laura Croft in Tomb Raider, this skin offers quite a lot more than meets the eye.

Fortnite Crossmark Operative Pack


The Crossmark Op. pack contains the following cosmetic items.

  • Nia Outfit
  • Critical Carryall Back Bling
  • Crossmark Cudgel Pickaxe


The Crossmark Operative pack is available online via the Epic Games Store for $15.99. Pricing may vary depending on location, and purchase of the pack is final.

Though that may seem on the higher side for some, purchasing the Nia skins gives the player access to the Nia Challenges in the Save the World Campaign. Completing those challenges in Save the World gives players the opportunity to earn their money back. That's right. Players can earn up to 1500 V Bucks to spend on future skins and rewards.