Fortnite Cult Artifact: How to Find

Players must find the Cult Artifact in the Spire Region.
Players must find the Cult Artifact in the Spire Region. / Courtesy of Epic Games.

Fortnite's Cult Artifact is part of the new Spire Challenge and players must compete to find it. This new challenge was released along with the new update v16.10. Thankfully, this particular quest is not too difficult for players to complete.

For this quest, players must travel to the Spire to collect the Cult Artifact before delivering it to Raz.

Fortnite Cult Artifact: How to Find

So, how do you actually go about collecting the item? Well, first off you need to head towards the Spire region in the middle of the map and go towards the large tower of rocks. Along the bottom of the tower is a collection of buildings and if you go towards the top row, there is an entrance facing the cliff.

Now - don't forget to keep an eye out for opponents! There might even be a Guardian hanging around trying to stop you.

Once there, go into the building. The Cult Artifact should be near a wooden table. All you need to do then is interact with the object and you will have completed the quest! As long as you have collected the Cult Artifact, it does not matter if you die - you won't lose the item.

Make sure you head back to Raz to hand over the Cult Artifact, but again, don't worry if you don't have enough time. You can do this in another match or even a different life.