Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quests: Full List and Rewards

Photo by Epic Games

Another week in Fortnite means another set of challenges. This time, Dark Jonesy is at the helm, and here’s a list of his punch card quests to take on this Halloween.

Keeping in tune with the corrupted theme this Halloween, Dark Jonesy arrives on the island during this spooky season. His missions mostly involve Sideways Zones, and they aren’t that difficult to complete. This questline makes for a nice and easy way to grind our some XP. Dark Jonesy can be found on top of the Kevolution Energy building in Steamy Stacks. Speak to him and acquire his quests to get going.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy Quests: Full List

The following are Dark Jonesy’s quests, along with their rewards:

  • Collect a Shotgun and Shells at Steamy Stacks (2) - Rewards 12,000 XP
  • Stoke a Campfire - Rewards 14,000 XP
  • Crouch within 10m of an Opponent for 2 Seconds (2) -  Rewards 16,000 XP
  • Cause Headshot Damage on Cube Monsters in The Sideways (150) - Rewards 18,000 XP
  • Defeat Waves of Cube Monsters in a Sideways Anomaly (2) - Rewards 20,000 XP

These quests are rather straightforward, though the objectives involving the Sideways will probably require some friends alongside the player for protection. Players must also be aware of their surroundings when taking on these missions, especially with how vulnerable they’ll leave themselves when stoking the campfire.

Dark Jonesy’s questline is now available for players to complete in Fortnite.