Fortnite Event Unvaults the Drum Gun; Tilted Towers Destroyed After Volcano Eruption

A Fortnite event Saturday cracked open the vault in Loot Lake and returned the Drum Gun to the active lineup of weapons. Here's what you need to know.

Over the past week or so, runes have begun appearing and disappearing around the map. The runes eventually converged on Loot Lake, around the massive metal structure at its center. Monitors in the surrounding buildings showed images of vaulted weapons such as the Drum Gun, leading players to speculate the the vault in Loot Lake would itself open up and return one or more of these weapons to the game.

After all the runes were unlocked, the door to the vault in Loot Lake appeared, and a countdown appeared over head. The countdown reached zero at 3 p.m. ET, kicking off the live, one-time only event in the game.

Fortnite Event Reveals Drum Gun

During the live event itself, players watched as the vault opened. Players jumped in and were transported to a new world with massive tablets displaying vaulted weapons. Each tablet showed a different vaulted item.

The area was a white and blue void with a massive blue sun at the center and a desk and chair at the front of the tablets.

Fortnite Event: Tilted Towers Destroyed

Players could attack the tablets and try to break them. Once the Drum Gun tablet was destroyed, the players were sucked back into the sky and into the normal Fortnite world. A rocket launched out of the volcano and landed on Retail Row. A second one landed at Polar Peak, and several more destroyed locations all across the map including Tilted Towers.

In place of the destroyed locations were huge swaths of lava-covered wasteland. Players were now able to find Drum Guns, indicating it had returned to the game as a result of the players’ actions.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games