Fortnite Fan Creates X-Ray Boxer, Boxy Skin Concepts

The X-Ray Boxer and Boxy skin concepts.
The X-Ray Boxer and Boxy skin concepts. / Courtesy of Sharktoofs

A Fortnite fan, building on their previous design, drew a concept for a riff on a previously released skin and posted it to the game's subreddit.

The design, created by u/sharktoofs and posted Saturday, is a redesign of the Boxer and Boxy skins Epic Games first unveiled in early April. The original skins show a man and a woman wearing basic clothing — t-shirts and blue jeans — with supremely half-hearted cardboard box armor.

Sharktoofs, who originally created the concept for the Boxer and Boxy skins in July, 2019, took their original vision and built on it in an inventive way by drawing skeletons onto the boxes, creating an x-ray effect that stays in line with the low-effort, hand-made aesthetic of the originals. The new designs also swap the color palettes, darkening the boxes to look like actual x-ray slides.

Sharktoofs, who regularly posts on Twitter, has a history of creating quality Fortnite skin concepts. Given that they created the Boxer and Boxy skins, it's possible these new designs will make their way to Fortnite, too.