Fortnite Fatal Fields is the location of one of the game's many new Fortbytes. Here's how to find the pesky collectible.

Fortnite Fatal Fields: How to Find Fortbyte #24

Each of the many Fortbytes added in Fortnite Season 9 must be unlocked by completing a different task. While some require earning an amount of experience, others can be discovered hidden in various corners of the game world.

Fortbyte #24 is one of those spread around the map like a Battle Star. The Fortbyte's description claims it can be found at Fatal Fields, but it's not as simple as simply landing in the middle of that location.

Instead, land in front of the ranch house and head inside. Climb the stairs and enter the second room on the right. As soon as you walk in you should see the Fortbyte floating in the corner by the north-facing window.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games