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Fortnite Fortbyte 40: Where to Find Fortbyte 40

Fortnite's Fortbyte 40 has been revealed and it can be found in the desert in the southeast part of the map.

This Fortbyte is a little different from other because you need a specific outfit to collect it. The outfit you need can be obtained from hitting tier 87 on the battle pass.

Fortnite Fortbyte 40 Location

The more exact location for the Fortbyte is located on the sundial in the desert. Once again, you need the Demi outfit that is gained from reaching tier 87 on the battle pass. Without this outfit, you will not be able to receive the Fortbyte.

The sundial can be seen from the map by looking southeast of Fatal Fields and finding the first rock formation.

Going to the sundial in the desert will also count towards the goal of visiting three clocks around the map.

Cover Image Courtesy of Epic Games