Fortnite Friend Request Accepted Glitch: How to Fix

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

A new glitch involving accepted friend requests is plaguing PC players of Fortnite. Here's how to fix it.

The glitch, which appears to be exclusive to PC, causes players to accept their entire friend's list upon initiating the game. As VYC Gaming explains in his YouTube video below, "if you have a thousand friends... it's gonna accept them all over again."

Fortnite Friend Request Accepted Glitch: How to Fix

The glitch has not been publicly addressed on its own by Fortnite staff, but it is clear that fixing it is a concern. On a Trello board, tweeted by @Fortnite_Status concerning new issues they are tracking with v21.00, the glitch appears second on a list of "General Top Issues."

At the time of writing, there seems to be no way to fix the glitch, leaving players to rely on intervention by Epic Games.

The glitch remains unpatched for now, but is expected to be resolved soon. For PC players with large numbers of friends, who might be particularly annoyed by the glitch, it might be time to blow the dust off the old console for a while, if you still have one.