Fortnite Halloween Costumes: 5 Best Places to Buy a Fortnite Halloween Costume

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Fortnite Halloween Costumes are going to be one of the most popular costume ideas once again this fall.

The mega popular battle royale game thrives on its in-game cosmetics, which players purchase in an item shop. Transitioning those skins into real life costumes was a no-brainer money maker. Hell, there are even giant lawn Fortnite inflatables to decorate the front of houses.

Here are the five best places to buy a Fortnite Halloween costume.

Fortnite Halloween Costumes: 5 Best Places to Buy a Fortnite Halloween Costume

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is one of the go-to stores during the Halloween season. Their selection includes adult and kid costumes for skins such as Drift, Omega, Merry Marauder and more.

Party City

Party City is another major store chain that has Fortnite skins for children such as Cuddle Team Leader, the Ice King and Black Knight.


If you want something handmade, look no further than Etsy. Check out the market for Fortnite costumes including those used for cosplay. Plus, you get to directly support the creator.


Amazon is the biggest online retailer for everything. This might be the time to use that old gift card you never got around to spending. Why not spend it on a costume your kid will cherish?


EZCosplay is the most expensive of the bunch, but it appears to be a solid bang for your buck. Skins such as Raven, Zoey, Raptor and more can be found on their marketplace. The costumes are more in tune with cosplaying as well, but why not go all out for a holiday that's only once a year?

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