Fortnite Haunted Hills is the next location people are scavenging in search of Fortnite Fortbyte #55.

Fortbytes are a new collectable added to the game for Fortnite Season 9. There will be 100 Fortbytes to collect throughout the season. Each one is hidden via a riddle, which has people flocking to the internet searching for answers. The latest Fortbyte people are hunting for is #55.

Here's everything you need to know about Fortbyte #55.

Fortnite Haunted Hills: How to Complete Fortnite Fortbyte #55

Fortbyte #55 requires players to traverse and search through Haunted Hills, one of the most forgotten areas in the map. It's especially forgotten now in Season 9 with the added Neo Tilted and Mega Mall.

Regardless of its relevancy, it's the chosen area to hide #55. It's hidden on the north side of the area in a little building behind one of the bigger crypts. Head to the second floor and look for the room with the window and a broken wall. It'll be right there to collect.

For those still searching for other Fortbytes, here's how to find others available:

Photo courtesy of Epic Games