Fortnite Icon Series: Five Creators Who Should Get Fortnite Skins Next

The Fortnite Icon Series was announced by Epic Games headlined by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins getting his own skin in Fortnite. The Icon Series will feature content creators from music, gaming and entertainment industries.

While there are a large number of creators that have helped propel Fortnite to the forefront of the battle royale genre, here are the five content creators that should recieve thier own skins next.

1. Ali "TSM Myth" Kabbani

Just like Ninja, TSM Myth was one of the earliest content creators for Fortnite that helped propel the game into the mainstream. The disagreement among fans about which of the two content creators, Ninja or TSM Myth, was better at the game helped keep Fortnite in spotlight for even longer.

Although TSM Myth's numbers have fallen off a bit, he still holds significant viewership on Twitch and on his YouTube channel. And if that isn't enough to persuade you, then maybe this highlight video will.

2. Nick "Nickmercs" Kolcheff

Switching gears from the past into the present, Nickmercs is one of the most recognizable and influential Fortnite streamers today. The iconic beard and PlayStation 4 controller he uses to play the game helped him to stand out on Twitch, giving him a peak viewership of over 30,000.

His classic spartan logo could provide inspiration for a spartan-themed skin with the iconic beard showing just below the helmet. Regardless of the direction Epic Games chooses to go on the design, one thing is for sure: a Nickmercs skin is something that Fortnite should have.

3. Nick "NickEh30" Amyoony

There's more to recieving an Icon Series skin than getting a lot of viewers or making some flashy plays. Part of the consideration should be the example the creator sets for the community and NickEh30 certainly fits the bill.

He does an incredible job of being a family-friendly streamer and setting an example for the rest of the Fortnite community through his content. All of this while still being the sixth most watched Fortnite streamer on Twitch with over 1,300,000 viewer hours.

4. Ben "DrLupo" Lupo

DrLupo has been on almost a meteoric rise, signing new endorsement deals and contracts with State Farm and other major companies.

Like NickEh30, DrLupo is a streamer who both serves as a positive example for the Fortnite community and is able to attract a lot of viewers while doing so. After all, how can you not love a streamer who can share these kinds of moments with his son?

Although most of his viewership now comes from streaming Escape From Tarkov, he still draws more than 9,000 viewers when he does stream Fortnite on Twitch. His personality and popularity certainly put him in the running for his own Icon Series skin.

5. Turner "Tfue" Tenny

Tfue has certainly been embroiled in his fair share of controversy. He was previously banned from Fortnite due to violating the game's EULA by selling accounts with exclusive skins on them and has been banned on Twitch multiple times for things he's said while on stream. Not mention the current lawsuit he has against FaZe regarding his contract.

Tfue's popularity though never stopped rising. In fact, Tfue's stream on Twitch had over 3,500,000 viewer hours over the last 30 days which is more than double the next highest Fortnite streamer.

Even with the drawbacks, his contributions helped the game grow in popularity and make him a decent fit for Fortnite's Icon Series.